You like computers, hacking attracts you but you do not know where to start, you are curious about the functioning of the internet, you have the impression that this discipline is only accessible to the gifted spotty hooded:

The term hacker is used here to refer to a person who seeks to understand the inner workings of digital technologies.


By following the advice of our site you will be able to do penetration tests on a target machine, do web exploitation, decrypt data, start typing your first line of code and above all you will learn to use Linux . For this we will teach you how to use the BugBounty and CTF (Capture The Flag) platforms and show you what you can do to always stay legal.



Article 323-1 of the penal code punishes "the act of accessing or maintaining fraudulently, in all or part of an automated processing system". The penalty is 2 years imprisonment and a € 30,000 fine. This can be increased to 3 years' imprisonment and a fine of € 45,000 when it results in "either the deletion or modification of data contained in the system, or an alteration in the functioning of this system".

The first question you ask yourself is: okay he is very nice, he tells us that he is going to teach us hackers' tips and there, he immediately calms us down by telling us that it is prohibited by law? So why learn and especially how?


Why learn to hack and code?


  • Knowing the techniques of attackers is learning to defend yourself.
  • Learning to hack and code is to learn computer science (the real one).
  • Cybercrime is booming, the need for competent people is enormous, cybersecurity is a profession of the future.
  • And especially because it is a very exciting activity (especially the penetration test) even more than video games (yes yes).
  • Some very good hackers are even paid on BugBounty platforms when they find computer vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

How to learn hacking? (if it is forbidden)


  • A computer and an internet connection are sufficient whatever the operating system.
  • The big job of the hacker is to search for information (that's allowed, I'll explain how).
  • For the fun of it: penetration tests, there are lots of platforms (free or paid) that allow you to train from any computer (I was even able to experience it from my smartphone).
  • By getting information, website, blogs and podcasts, everything is free and open source even software, so why deny it.
  • For each practical case we will present you hacking platforms specially designed to have fun hacking legally.



In the world of Cybersecurity, you will read or hear that there are white hat in opposition to black hat, the good guys and the bad hackers, this debate fueled by the media does not have to be : the bad hackers   do not exist, they are just cyber-criminals.


Last thing, do you know what a script kiddie or a lamer is?


He is an individual lacking the main skills in computer security who tries to infiltrate systems by using effective programs (often scripts), easy to use, but which he does not understand. If you are in this category, follow us on the good side of the force !


And don't forget that great power implies great responsibility!