Camille, the son, 13 years old is in 4th grade (in french collège) and he is a young firefighter. He is curious about everything around him and loves to hack and bypass the limits of computer systems, later he wants to be a professional coder and create his own smartphone apps. He is so passionate about computers that he goes to summer camp for the geeks and sleeps with the python bible. It is thanks to him that the coding part exists on the site. He's very good at RubiksCube and if he could, he would only eat pasta and pizza.





Nico, the father, 42 years old is a physiotherapist, musician and sailor. He is fascinated by the culture of hacking, loves to hack and repair himself, he especially enjoys understanding the intimate workings of things and sharing them with Camille. His goal, to finish all the hacking platforms to which he subscribes and maybe one day succeed in a bugbounty, he just hopes to have enough time to do all that.



Despite our 30-year gap, we are driven by the same passion: tweaking, understanding how the internet works and perhaps one day becoming "cyberjedis".


We have been using Mac, Windows and Linux for many years and always try to be able to do the same things with all three operating systems, we also like to use the RaspberryPi and any other system that allows objects to be diverted from their primary function.


And we do all this stuff always remaining legal ...



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