The " JEDIS "


The "Jedis" are the ones who should inspire you, the mentors.


You are fascinated by Mr Robot, by hacker culture, hacking movies but the reality is quite different and you have to choose the "good side of the force" ...


These models are digital enthusiasts who have mastered the network since its inception and who are as close as possible to cybersecurity. Most of them fell into the pot when they were little, studied engineering, Mathematics, business schools. Some do not even have their baccalaureate, but they are all well versed in computer coding, network layers and system vulnerabilities.


Most of them are lecturers, consultants, code and signature analysts, network security experts, legal experts and cyber news.





Interview d'Hervé Schauer

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« Celui qui gère l’outil est plus important que l’outil lui-même d’où l’urgence de se former, de faire monter en compétence ses équipes au plus vite » Hervé Schauer fondateur HS2 - Hervé Schauer Sécurité #SecuriteOperationnelle #cybersecurite

Posted by HS2 - Hervé Schauer Sécurité on Friday, February 7, 2020

Hervé Schauer is an internationally renowned expert in cybersecurity (or security of information systems).


After studying computer science, he quickly established himself as one of the pioneers of computer security in France, with (among others) the publication in 1987 of a series of articles on Unix security and intrusion detection. He founded his own firm (Hervé Schauer Consultants) in 1989 and sold it to an audit firm in 2015, then again created his own training company HS2. He is the inventor of application relaying (proxy firewall) for the French space agency (CNES) in 1991, presented at the Usenix Security Symposium in 1992, but did not patent his invention, so it was used freely thereafter in the majority of commercial firewalls.


Hervé Schauer has published or contributed to numerous books and articles, in particular on Internet security, network partitioning, of which he is the originator, authentication, the security of wireless technologies, ISO 27001 standards ( information security management) and ISO 27005 (security risk management), and cybersecurity of industrial systems.


He has been a consultant for more than 400 French and global companies, telecommunications operators, French-speaking governments and international organizations. He participates in the provision of training: on standards (ISO27001, ISO27005, ISO22301), RSSI, and cybersecurity of industrial systems I. He has been a computer forensic expert since 2011. Founder and contributor of the French-speaking podcast on cybersecurity NoLimitSecu


Matt Suiche



Interview de Matt dans NoLimitSecu


His reputation is well established. Matthieu Suiche has been named "Most valuable professional" every year by Microsoft since 2009 to recognize his contributions to the Windows ecosystem.


His current affairs analyzes are regularly used as a reference, as during the case of the leak of the NSA's offensive tools in 2017. He regularly speaks at the most prestigious conferences in the discipline: Black Hat, Microsoft Blue Hat, CanSecWest, Shakacon and many more.


Since 2017, he is also at the origin of his own conference: OPCDE, which is held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Anxious to get involved with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, he recently transformed the project into a more general support program that has a presence in several African countries (Kenya, Uganda).


Matthieu Suiche is both a cybersecurity researcher and an entrepreneur. He began his career as an independent researcher presenting his work on Windows hibernation files in 2007 at the PacSec conference in Tokyo. He is now the CEO and founder of Comae Technologies, a cybersecurity start-up that provides incident response and forensic memory analysis solutions. He previously co-founded CloudVolumes, a start-up specializing in application virtualization which was acquired by VMWare in 2014. He has also previously worked for the Forensic Institute of the Netherlands (NFI) as well as for the Airbus group.


Renaud Feil




Interview de Renaud dans NoLimitSecu


Renaud Feil is the founder of the company Synacktiv. Experts in cybersecurity for several years, they were not satisfied with the solutions formerly offered by computer security companies.


Indeed, it seemed to them then that no company was able to combine a high level of technicality (which consultants are fond of) and realistic and quality services that meet the expectations and needs of customers.


It is from this observation that the company Synacktiv was created in 2012. With the objective of helping companies to assess and improve the level of security of their information assets, Synacktiv experts are constantly improving their skills.


This is how Synacktiv is becoming the French benchmark for offensive security.